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Sony annuncia la nuova app mobile Imaging Edge ed aggiorna il software per desktop!

Sony ha annunciato l'applicazione mobile 'Imaging Edge' che sostituisce l'app PlayMemories Mobile. Il software offre funzionalità di controllo remoto e geolocalizzazione e gli utenti delle recenti telecamere Sony saranno in grado di trasferire video 4K oltre alle immagini a risoluzione piena, mentre i proprietari della Sony a9 saranno anche in grado di auto- trasferire in FTP in background immagini da 2 MP.

Una versione pro "Transfer & Tagging add-on" sarà disponibile per a9, a7R III e a7 III consentendo di aggiungere tag ai metadati delle immagini, incluso l'input vocale per i sottotitoli.

Inoltre, sulla a9 gli utenti saranno in grado di utilizzare la funzionalità FTP in background della fotocamera per trasferire rapidamente le foto a risoluzione intera automaticamente sullo smartphone o su un server remoto attraverso la modalità wireless tramite un punto di accesso Wi-Fi o tramite tethering diretto a un telefono cellulare (se il telefono lo supporta) o tramite connessione USB. Funzioni disponibili dalla primavera del 2019.

Alla fine di questo mese, la versione 1.4 dell'applicazioni desktop di Sony verrà aggiornata e le app Remote, View e Edit supporteranno la creazione di filmati in time-lapse insieme a una migliore usabilità.

Più di informazioni possono essere trovate sul sito Web di Sony .

Comunicato stampa:

SAN DIEGO — Jan. 15, 2019 — Sony Electronics Inc. today announced the release of new Imaging Edge™ mobile applications plus several updates to the ‘Remote,’ ‘Viewer’ and ‘Edit’ desktop applications that will bring exciting new features to all Sony imaging customers ranging from casual hobbyists to working professionals.

New Imaging Edge Mobile Applications

The newly introduced mobile application named Imaging Edge Mobile is the successor to Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile™ app and will offer instant transfer of images from camera to a connected mobile devices while shooting. Images can be transferred when utilizing the new “Auto background transfer to Smartphone” functionality, allowing users to easily share content direct from their phone to social media platforms. The mobile application also supports 4K movie transfer and remote control functionality.

For professional photographers, Sony will be releasing a new mobile application ‘Transfer & Tagging add-on’ that will support instant delivery workflow by allowing users to transfer content to their mobile devices via the camera’s FTP background transfer functionality, without distraction from their shooting. It also enables voice input for text captioning to help streamline communication and overall workflow between photographers and other team members. There is also an online function that will allow you to sync a Caption Glossary between multiple devices.

Sony’s new Imaging Edge mobile application and ‘Transfer & Tagging add-on’ will be available in March 2019.

Enhancements of ‘Remote’ ‘Viewer’ ‘Edit’ Desktop Applications

The desktop version of Sony’s Imaging Edge application will be updated as well, with workflow support of time-lapse movie creation, making it an ideal match for Sony’s newest interchangeable lens cameras with built-in interval recording. Other new features to maximize usability have been added as well, such as comparison display and collection functions, as well as a new and improved user interface.

The latest Version 1.4 of Desktop Applications ‘Remote’ ‘Viewer’ ‘Edit’ will be available later this month.

For more information on the new application updates, please visit the Imaging Edge website at https://imagingedge.sony.net.

A variety of exclusive stories and exciting new content related to all of Sony’s exciting announcements can be found at www.alphauniverse.com, a site built to educate and inspire all fans and customers of the Sony α brand. The new content will also be posted directly at the Sony Camera Channel on YouTube.

1. A successor application of PlayMemories Mobile. Existing PlayMemories Mobile users can use this by updating PlayMemories Mobile

2. Compatible with ILCE-9 with software update Ver.5.0 or later. Files are imported in 2MP size when using this function

3. Compatible with ILCE-9 with software update Ver.5.0 or later, ILCE-7RM3, ILCE-7M3, ILCE-6400, DSC-RX10M4, DSC-RX100M6, DSC-RX100M5A. Availability of video transfer and playback varies depending on smartphone in use

4. Add-on mobile application for ‘Imaging Edge Mobile’. Available countries: US/Canada/UK/France/Germany/Hong Kong/China/Australia/Japan. User registration is required to use this application. Compatible with ILCE-9 with software update Ver.5.0 or later, ILCE-7RM3, ILCE-7M3

5. Compatible with ILCE-9 with software update Ver.5.0 or later

6. The voice input of this application uses the service provided by Google. If Google services are not available, you cannot use the voice input. Please use the keyboard input

7. RAW processing adjustments by batch, adding music/texts, outputting 4K movie are also available

New Imaging Edge Software Enhances Mobile Connectivity and Expands the Creative Capabilities of Sony Cameras

Sony Announces New Imaging Edge Mobile Applications, Plus Several Updates to Existing Desktop Applications

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